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In this portfolio, you will find reflections and projects completed for IT 467.


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Personal Project

I created this mini-magazine to showcase photos I took while in Tennessee earlier this month and to pay tribute to my mother and her two sisters who inspired us to take this journey.  I used Canva to create this project.  All of the photos are were taken by me and the story is written by me.  This project is bittersweet for me because one of the precious aunts that went with us passed away today and the other is in Hospice.  This truly was our last journey together.South1South2South3south4south5

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I worked independently.  I ended up using Canva to create my newsletter as I felt like the template options were better suited for what I wanted to do.  The employee information newsletter that I designed is intended to update employees on the latest news from Evalyon.

The process of creating the newsletter was fairly simple once I had chosen a template that I wanted to use.  I changed the color scheme to work with the Evalyon colors. I also removed some elements and added others.

This is a fictitious newsletter although the information it contains is accurate.

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IT Brochure



LucidPress was used to create this brochure.  I learned a lot more about using LucidPress while working on this project.  I choose one of the available templates for a brochure, then did some major revamping.  I changed all the colors, photos, and text to meet the needs of what I wanted to include in this brochure.  I got the information for the brochure from various documents that are located in the Instructional Technology web page.  I would not choose LucidPress as my first choice to create this type of brochure.  I feel like other programs offer more flexibility and ease of use.

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Practice Brochure



I’m going to Shrimpfest this weekend so I thought that would be a good theme for my practice brochure.  I borrowed some photos from the Shrimpfest website and used LucidPress to create my brochure.  I had a great deal of difficulty with LucidPress and did not really get the desired results.  I couldn’t figure out how to use the supposedly powerful tools that this program is supposed to contain.  I would much prefer to use Canva or Microsoft Publisher for this type of project.  I am hoping I can learn more about using LucidPress before our brochure project is due next week.

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Work Flyer

What are Teachers saying about (15)

I have incorporated a few changes based on the preliminary critic of my project.  I put the photo into a round grid to make it more compatible with the design it is nested in.  I also made some changes to the fonts.  I believe choosing the best font is my most challenging aspect.

What are Teachers saying about (12).png

I created this flyer to use on Evalyon’s Facebook page.  The size is maximized for Facebook and therefore is not the 8 1/2 x 11 inches of a standard flyer.  I used a blank Canva Facebook template and added each of the elements.  Evalyon requires that I use a restricted color palette and has strict marketing guidelines that have to be followed.  I had to have this reviewed by the VP of Marketing for Evalyon before it could be posted.

I chose the light blue background with a darker blue border for contrast. I used the approved Evalyon logo and tagline and a photo from the Evalyon library. The alignment of the picture is centered within a shape that I used from Canva.  I used the same font with a different size to emphasize the quotes.  The photo represents a teacher using Evalyon software.



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Alignment Project

I decided to use arrows as my focus to complete the alignment project. Using a variety of images, shapes and manipulating the text to emphasize the theme using Canva was a bit challenging.  I think I achieved what I was attempting.

I look forward to any feedback that can make this project better.  I may look at it tomorrow and decide it needs a complete overhaul.  I find that sometimes when you become invested in a project, you can lose perspective and a second look later will allow for more objective decisions.


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Add heading (1).png

I had a great time using Canva to create my proximity project.  I decided to use art as my theme and used a little play on words to bring it all together.  I chose images with the golden yellows that I wanted to use as the text background and chose a prominent color from the photos for the color of the text.

I think not only were the images colorful and eye-catching, but they also used many of the elements of proximity. I learned some interesting and useful information from this weeks assignment that I am sure will benefit my work in the future.   I am looking forward to our next project and what I will learn from the experience.